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Nina Talks: 500 Followers & New Blogs

Hey guys! I’ve been sort of on the down low as of late but I just wanted to talk about a few things really really quick!

First off, I hit 500 followers today! Thanks to everyone who decided to keep with me for this long and hello to everyone who’s just joined up. Things on the dash have been a little muddled but I’ve taken some time to organize a few things.


^ This, of course, is my main blog. I’ll continue to post mostly D&D/Gaming/noobtheloser/tp-mac/whatever materials here.


^This is my personal blog. Here I’ll likely post things more personal, like answers to replies/conversations with friends/journal entries whatever.


^And here is my new blog! This is where all my Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth/RWBY things will now be going. I only have a few personal posts but I’ve already moved them over there.

So, I hope this helps people who may like some things over other things that I post. Plus it helps to keep my dash clean :D



Murder Sisters

Comic # 6 - Tap Out

In this weeks episode, the artist continues to forget whether Grimtooth was fighting the Left hand or the Right hand.
Yeah, so remember this comic when you go and read Murder Brothers tomorrow and laugh at the well written dialogue and quality art composition. Remember that you could be reading about a cluster-fuck of lines and colors with irrelevant speech bubbles. Remember!

So, wow, my AH cake seemed to gather quite the reaction.

Answering some of the questions I’ve gotten thus far:

I’m located in Oklahoma but I’m not so sure about giving out specific locations unless, you know, someone really just wanted to come buy a cake from me. If that were to happen I’d probably give them a huge deal just because.

The images are printed on edible sugar paper. In fact everything about the cake is edible save the ribbon, the crown and the candle. Even the Tower of Pimps is made from a candy bar.

I used Allen’s Buttercream for the icing. We get the base in bulk at work and just mixed in however much water and coloring needed.

If you want to make/have a cake made that’s similar I say go for it! Eat dat fandom, yo.

Glad everyone seems to enjoy it!

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